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Top UK Pay N Play Casinos

A closer look at the online gambling scene will reveal that it has become greatly saturated. Every day, hundreds of new online casinos are established, all claiming to offer new bonuses and features. For new players, this means they have to spend hours of their time searching for an online casino that ticks all the right boxes in terms of deposits, withdrawals, mobile compatibility and many more. Thankfully, we, at, have done all the hard work for you.

We have compiled a list of top UK Pay n Play Casinos that you should check out. If you’re entirely new to the gambling scene, you’re probably wondering what Pay N Play Casinos are. Well, Pay N Play Casinos are a set of innovative online casinos that offer something different from the norm. Unlike regular casinos that require players to create an account and have it verified before playing and making withdrawals, Pay N Play Casinos don’t.

Pay N Play Casinos are mainly powered by Trustly, a payment solution that allows players to instantly deposit and withdraw from casinos in real-time with the use of their BankID. So basically,  you don’t need to create an account or input your username or password to become a user of the platform. The lengthy registration process that is associated with other online casinos is nowhere to be found on pay n play casinos. Simply make a deposit with your BankID and start playing your favourite games within minutes. No need to register or send verification documents to have your account accepted. It’s simply “Pay and Play”

Top New Online Casinos

With each passing day, the gaming industry experiences growth as more new online casinos come on board. Featuring the latest welcome bonuses, outstanding user experience and games, players have so many reasons to give new online casinos a try.

On the surface, both old and new online casinos may appear similar. However, upon a closer inspection, players will discover that new casino sites come with greater advantages that make gameplay a better experience. One of such perks is the introduction of the Pay N Play solution.

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Quick Introduction To Online Casinos

A pay n play casino runs its operations with the advanced payment solution launched by Trustly. This technology was created to ease the burden of players and erase the need for filling of forms, setting passwords and choosing usernames during online casino registration. The technology behind a pay n play casino allows players to start gambling instantly without waiting for a confirmation email to be delivered first.

To get started, simply make a deposit on the pay n play casino. The technology provides an upgraded security by joining forces with online banking providers to verify users. This makes a pay n play casino a safe place to gamble compared to regular casinos.

Players don’t need to create a casino account. All they need to do is to visit a pay n play casino and just click play. Immediately, the casino will ask for the amount you wish to deposit and soon after, it logs you in using the BankID.

How Pay N Play Works

A pay n play casino runs its operations with the advanced payment solution launched by Trustly. This technology was created to ease the burden of players and erase the need for filling of forms, setting passwords and choosing usernames during online casino registration. The technology behind a pay n play casino allows players to start gambling instantly without waiting for a confirmation email to be delivered first.

To get started, simply make a deposit on the pay n play casino. The technology provides an upgraded security by joining forces with online banking providers to verify users. This makes a pay n play casino a safe place to gamble compared to regular casinos.

Players don’t need to create a casino account. All they need to do is to visit a pay n play casino and just click play. Immediately, the casino will ask for the amount you wish to deposit and soon after, it logs you in using the BankID.

The casino goes ahead to obtain the player’s KYC data through the pay and play payment processor. Although this sounds intrusive, nothing more than what a conventional casino will require is taken. A pay n play casino simply saves you the stress of completing a cumbersome registration process. Also, the successful linking of your BankID ensures that your transactions are instant.

This technology came into existence to increase the speed of payouts. Slow withdrawals and deposits have been a huge concern for players for a long time now. A pay n play casino addresses this problem by making all financial transactions faster. Punters can now initiate and conclude their deposits and withdrawals in the space of a minute or two. Today, a Trustly pay n play casino has made transferring money from bank to casino and vice-versa convenient, secure and fast.

A pay n play casino is also designed to allow players pause and save their casino funds until they are ready to play again.

Below is a step by step instruction on how to make deposits and withdrawals in a pay n play casino:


  • Choose a play n play casino and click instant play.
  • Input the amount you want to deposit.
  • Pick your country of residence (United Kingdom) from the list of countries.
  • Select the image of your bank among the listed banking partners.
  • Use your BankID or online banking details.
  • Initiate your deposit using your online bank.
  • An SMS or email will be sent to you to confirm the transaction. Validate the payment by clicking on the “Approve” button.
  • Your identity will be verified by Trustly and your relevant information will be passed to the pay n play casino operator, who will then create your account in the background.
  • Start gambling immediately.


Withdrawing your winnings from a pay n play casino is fast and with zero hassle. With just one click, players can withdraw their money and it will be sent to their bank account instantly.

  • Before you get started in the withdrawal process, ensure that the money in your casino account has no uncompleted requirement. This may be the case when you play with a bonus.
  • Visit the cashier page and choose Trustly as your method of withdrawal.
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Choose the country where you live.
  • Select the bank that matches your branch and enter the BankID or banking details for authentication.
  • Go ahead and make your withdrawal.

What Is Trustly?

Formerly known as InstaBank, Trustly is a Fintech company based in Sweden that provides the technology that powers pay and play direct payment. With Trustly, consumers and merchants or service providers can enjoy a direct connection to each other through their bank account.

For casinos, the tiresome and lengthy payment and registration processes are done away with by eliminating the need for players to supply their personal details. Players and online casino operators conduct their transactions only via their bank accounts.

Trustly’s identification method is widely accepted, both by the government and private businesses. As a result, you will find the technology in pay n play casinos, as well as e-commerce outfits. So, you can be sure that every transaction made using Trustly is KYC compliant. The identification method works on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows devices. Currently, Trustly is operational in over 29 European countries and counting.

Pros N Cons Of A Pay N Play Casino

A pay n play casino is the new trend in the iGaming world. It requires no registration and account funding can be started and completed within 5 minutes. The pay n play casino is now the go-to option for a lot of players. They guarantee quick payouts, robust bonuses and promotions, large collection of games, and many more features while observing all the industry’s best practices. However, this popular class of online casino still has some improvements to make and we would like to shed light on them.


  • Super-fast withdrawals
  • No documents needed
  • No lengthy registration processes
  • Instant play
  • Stronger banking security because of its use of two-factor authentication


  • Works with a third party pay and play service provider
  • Cashout limit for specific financial merchants
  • Transaction fees are sometimes deducted by the bank
  • Wagering requirements for players who were given bonuses

Pure And Hybrid Casinos

Pay n Play casinos are fast becoming the standard in the iGaming industry as Online Banking ePayments (OBeP) proves to be a payment technology that is safe and reliable. Even established online casino operators have refused to be

left out of this movement. They are now joining new UK-based online casinos to adopt this efficient payment technology.

Although many casinos are choosing Trustly as their banking option, not all of them are pay n play casinos. In summary, some operate strictly as a Trustly pay n play casino, while others work with two systems, the conventional and pay and play options. This brings us to the two main models of pay and play casinos: the Pure and Hybrid Pay and Play Models.


Pure Pay and Play Model

Players who consider simplicity and ease a necessity will find this model a delight. With just their BankID or online banking details, players can log in, deposit, withdraw and play games at their favourite trustly casino UK. No registration or account opening is needed to access the pure model. Players can take a pause from gaming at anytime and pick up where they left off by simply clicking the “Continue Playing” feature.

Hybrid Pay and Play Model

Like its name suggests, the hybrid model is a combination of both the old and new online casino options. A hybrid online casino gives players the choice to either use the traditional deposit and withdrawal methods or Trustly. Players who go for the hybrid model will still be subjected to account verification after signing up. However, instant payments, which is one of the benefits of the pay and play model, will still be available for them to enjoy.

Measures Put In Place by Pay N Play Casinos To Ensure Top-Notch Gaming

A pay n play casino is one of the safest venues to gamble and this is made possible by the implementation of various safety measures like verified transactions, SSL digital encryption, confidentiality, safe banking and fraud detection.

This creates an impregnable connection between the server and a web browser.

This plays a vital role by providing banks with the means to link their payments to third parties.

This checks the identity of a user through the details provided by the bank.

This is closely monitored by regulatory authorities to ensure that transparency is maintained in online casino games.

Transactions are guarded by a chain of unbreakable protocols that cannot be penetrated by third parties.

Gambling addiction is discouraged, while players who are already suffering the effects of gambling addiction are provided help.

Facts About Pay n Play Casinos

Pay n Play is a payment technology rolled out by Trustly, a trusted financial provider based in Sweden that has built credibility in the online gambling world. While other instant play payment solutions have sprang up, Trustly remains the pioneer of this technology and the leader of these class of online casinos.

A pay n play casino offers exactly what every player craves – swift deposits and withdrawals! Players can enjoy fast account funding and withdrawals without even signing up for a casino account or going through the hassle of providing their credentials for KYC verification, like other casinos require.

Instead, the technology sources for all the important documentation it needs about the player from their BankID, including proof of address and identification details. In just three simple steps, you can get your gambling underway. Surely, online gambling has never been this easy.

Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols have become ingrained in the gambling industry. They are part of its regulation aimed at curtailing criminal activities. So casinos must verify the identity of their members, as well as their source of income. While being essential, KYC checks should not be a hectic affair for players. A pay n play casino ensures that only the bare minimum is done by casino enthusiasts, and it takes care of the rest.


Short facts

Company: Trustly Group AB
Subsidiary: eWise Group Inc.
CEO: Oscar Berglund
Industry: Financial Services
Address: Sweden, Norrtullsgatan 6, 7th Floor, 113 29 Stockholm
Phone: +44 20 3917 4826

Providers of Pay N Play Services

The pay and play platform championed by Trustly is not the only provider of instant payments that is connected to your BankID. There are two other companies offering the same service:

  • Brite: This is a Swedish company that has thrived by building on the framework of other companies. Its services, which are rated first-class, are enjoyed by a few online casinos in Sweden.
  • EnterCash: This is another company owned by Trustly. Standing behind pay and play, EnterCash is the second-largest company that facilitates no registration casino gaming. There isn’t much difference between the two, although players will be able to send and receive funds faster with S-Bank, Nordea Bank and Osuuspankii using EnterCash.

Trustly currently takes the lead as the primary payment method in online casinos and handles more than 2 million transactions in this sector per annum. In addition to a better payment system (Trustly), there are other benefits to choosing new online casinos as your gambling destination. Below are some of them:

  1. Hefty Bonuses

To attract new players, one of the tested and proven strategies that new casino sites adopt is to offer welcome bonuses. New sites need to increase their traffic quickly for them to become sustainable.

New online casinos usually attract punters by advertising the best casino bonuses. The higher the patronage, the easier it would be for them to afford to provide seasonal bonuses that will prevent the new players from leaving.

  1. Better Games Selection

In some established casinos, new games are only added monthly or weekly. Others have become contented with their current library that updates are made intermittently. New online casinos are more likely to offer a broader selection of the latest games and utilize cutting-edge softwares to dispense their services.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Some older sites are yet to be optimized for smartphones and tablets. However, while they are still figuring this out, new casinos are designed to accommodate mobile gaming. New online casinos offer a user-friendly interface and bigger mobile game selection.

  1. Special Rewards For Loyal Customers

New online casinos place a high price on loyalty, because their competition is doing everything possible to lure their players. By offering an array of promotions, like the no deposit bonus and daily bonuses for regular players, and top-notch services like a standard customer support, they can attract new players and keep them coming back.

  1. Huge Jackpots

New casinos are in business to get popular, which will draw more patronage to them. While players are not guaranteed a life-changing jackpot win, the casino can offer progressive slots and other big games. This will help them to show off the large amount of money that they have paid out to their clients.

How To Select A Reliable New Online Casino

First thing to look out for when scouting for a new online casino is its security. Players should ensure that the online casino has engaged SSL. Also it should hold a valid license and be regulated by a credible gambling authority, and have proof of any audit its Random Number Generators (RNGs) has undergone.

Out if the new online casino accepts players from your country. It can be quite disheartening to discover that folks from your jurisdiction are exempted from participating at the casino after completing the lengthy sign up process.

Casino should also support a wide range of payment options. This speaks volumes about its flexibility. Players generally find it more convenient to make deposits and withdrawals with their preferred banking option and native currency. So, a new online casino that offers this will instantly be a hit among gamblers. Lastly, check if your favourite games made the casino’s game catalogue.


How We Rate New Online Casinos

Each and every new casino that is featured on our site,, passes through a stringent review process under the careful watch of our experts. We use a couple of criteria to evaluate our casino picks, including:


The new casino should be able to keep the details and funds of users safe from hacker


The casino must be licensed and regulated by a popular and independent authority and all its games must pass the randomness test.

Casino Promotions

Since bonuses are among the reasons why players want to gamble in the first place, casino operators that desire our partnership must offer attractive bonuses. Our team of experts scour the terms and conditions to ensure these perks are available for our readers.


To get on our site, it is mandatory for the casino to offer a wide range of games.

Mobile Gaming

We check the online casino for mobile compatibility. To feature on our site, the casino must make provision for mobile gaming.

Fast Payouts

Any casino that takes so much time to complete the financial transactions of players will not be included in our site.


Players look forward to hitting the jackpot. We check all new casinos for huge rewards that will satisfy our players.

Real Fun

Online casinos that have malfunctioning, outdated or boring games are not welcome on our website.

Customer Supports

It’s important that the support agents are always available to assist players when needed. This can be my phone, email or live chat.

How To Improve Your Experience At A New Online Casino

Before you fund your new online casino account, we suggest that you study the following points to enable you to make the most of the site:

  • Check If The Casino Is Suitable For You: So many reasons exist why a casino platform may be unfit for some players. For example, the site may not accept players from certain countries, or its banking options may be limited. Ensure that the casino has all you need before going for it.
  • Be Sure That It Has Relevant Bonuses: Do not engage the casino’s services before confirming that its bonus offers are satisfactory. Also go a step further to know what the wagering requirements are like, whether they are easy or difficult to fulfill. Some deals offer multiple welcome bonuses, while others may need a promo code to get activated. Decide which ones will benefit you the most before signing up.
  • What Is The Minimum Deposit And Maximum Withdrawal?: Allow your bankroll to play a role in your choice of pay n play casino. Some sites have large minimum deposits and can only be accessed by high-rollers. Some may pay jackpot wins as annuities. These structures won’t suit all players, so decide what financial structure works for you and go for it.
  • Digest Our Reviews: Our platform was created to guide players to find a suitable play n play casino. By reading our casino reviews, you’ll discover the merits and demerits of specific pay n play casinos.

What Games Are Offered At New Online Casinos?

A pay n play casino is filled with the latest games that will surely keep you entertained for hours. Older casinos that frequently update their game library also have interesting titles for players. New online casinos are more daring compared to their older counterparts. For instance, a pay n play casino is more likely to offer non-traditional titles and wacky variations, a risk older casinos would prefer to avoid. Players seeking for thrills and the unexpected should head to a pay n play casino. This will definitely spice up their gambling sessions.


Markets With The Newest Online Casinos

The rate at which new casino brands enter the market differ from one market to the other. In this segment, we shall be analyzing the number of new casinos that make debut in each respective market.

United Kingdom

The UK market receives a good number of brand new online casinos on a monthly basis. Each of these casinos are law abiding, meaning that they are licensed and adhere to the strict regulations of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).


So many new online casinos are springing up in Norway every month. If you’re residing in this Scandinavian country, there’s surely an abundance of new casino sites that could become your favourite pastime.


The online casino scene in Canada is constantly improving and modernizing. At the same time, the number of punters is steadily on the rise. As more of these casinos are embracing original themes and concepts, the Canadian market may not be a bad place to check out the latest online casinos.


Since the regulation of the Swedish gambling market, a decline was witnessed in the rate at which new casino sites emerge. This is not unrelated to the tight regulations which casinos now have to comply with before a license can be awarded them. The outcome of this is that punters can rest assured that all Swedish new casinos are regulated and safe.


Germany is another market with an interesting display of new casinos. Here, the competition is very high and for a new online casino to survive, it must be equipped with the wherewithal to compete favourably.


Finns are well known for their vast knowledge in all things computers and Internet. In recent years, the Finnish iGaming space have gained a lot of popularity. New sites are fast being established with no signs of stopping. Of course, this has resulted in competition among operators, with each improving on their services in order to grab the most market share.

Pay N Play Casinos

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Importance Of No Deposit Bonus On A Pay N Play Casino

When deciding on which pay n play casino to go for, you will want to look into their welcome offers like the no deposit bonus. This bonus is very popular with pay n play casinos and you will run into many of such offers.

A no deposit bonus is a promotion that awards free money to players for simply choosing to play at the pay n play casino. Players are not required to make any initial deposit before receiving the bonus cash. So, one of the best ways a player can start their gambling adventure at a pay n play casino is with a no deposit bonus.

Nevertheless, even a no deposit bonus comes with terms and conditions which must be met if you want to grab all of its benefits. Players are encouraged to conduct their research to find out what is needed to keep the no deposit bonus they received.

Who Can Use A No Deposit Bonus?

  • To some people, a no deposit bonus is a must-have. But on the other hand, there are players who don’t care much for it. Punters who find it difficult to stick to a budget for their online gambling might see a no deposit bonus as an opportunity to enjoy their favourite games risk-free.
  • Those who are more daring and don’t mind taking a lot of risks might also find no deposit bonuses helpful, along with poker enthusiasts who just want to try their hands on some game strategies.
  • Players who want to gamble without risking their money will find no deposit bonuses at the online casinos offering them to be a splendid option.

Features Of No Deposit Bonuses

One of the key features of a no deposit bonus is wagering requirements. This explains what players need to do before they can collect the winnings they earned with the bonus.

Apart from this, players should also look out for the maximum win feature of the no deposit bonus. If a player luckily hits a jackpot with their no deposit bonus, the maximum win attached to the bonus will determine how much they will receive. They may end up getting just a fraction of the winnings in withdrawable money.

It is not surprising to find the maximum win of this type of deal to be very low, so endeavor to check the terms and conditions.

Furthermore, no deposit bonuses are applicable to select casino games. This detail is worth investigating as well. If many restrictions exist on the usage of the bonus money, it may not be a good idea to claim the offer at all.

While the wagering requirements of the no deposit bonus are still being met, players will be unable to make a withdrawal. Bonus funds must first be converted into real money by playing through the wagering requirements. The operators will kick against any attempt by the player to make an early withdrawal until all requirements are fulfilled.

How To Claim a No Deposit Bonus

The usual practice is to simply log in to a play n play casino to qualify for a no deposit bonus. Some sites automatically awards you the no deposit bonus after signing in with your BankID or other online banking credentials. Others require you to enter a bonus code or to contact the site’s customer service agents via email.

Step 1: Learn The Basics

No deposit bonuses are usually offered in the form of free cash or free spins, although there are other types of bonuses. Typically, all bonuses serve the same purpose, which is to encourage players’ patronage.

Step 2: Select The Appropriate Bonus

Bigger is not always better. Especially with regards to no deposit bonuses. 100 free spins sure looks more enticing that 50 free spins, on the surface. However, what actually makes one better than the other is determined by their respective rollover requirements and maximum wins. You need to know the maximum payout and wagering conditions of the no deposit bonus before making your decision.

Step 3: Know What's Expected Of You Before Starting

Aside the above mentioned maximum wins and wagering requirements, ensure you familiarize yourself with any other rules the no deposit bonus has. Read the terms and conditions carefully because a lot of vital information are usually hidden in plain sight by the play n play casino. Here are some important rules to search for:

• Wagering requirements
• Permitted games
• Bonus expiry
• Bet size limit
• Excluded bet types

Don’t forget to ascertain whether residents of your country can claim the no deposit bonus or not.

Step 4: Keep An Eye On Your Wagering Requirements

Monitor your wagering requirements closely so that you will know how much effort to put into converting your bonus money into real cash. Thankfully, many pay n play casinos have simplified this task by automatically tracking your progress. To find this information, click the “Active Bonus” button or any similar link in your profile.

Step 5: Manage Your Bankroll

After playing through the rollover requirements, your no deposit bonus cash will be turned into real money. But if you are yet to hit the payout limit, resist the urge to cash out at this moment until you do so. Failure to adhere to this may get your account suspended. With these tips, you should be able to turn your no deposit bonus into real money in no time.

Why you should try Pay N Play casinos

Pay and play casinos are aiming to become the future of the iGaming industry, and with them, the future sure looks good. Players will no longer be subjected to the pain of creating casino accounts and memorizing their associated passwords. These casinos also save time and cost for players as their accounts are funded instantly from their bank accounts. In the same way, when they withdraw their winnings, they are sent directly to their banks.

A Pay n Play casino provides a unique and secure way to deposit and withdraw money. With the high speed transactions they offer, punters can finally say goodbye to slow payments and unprincipled casinos that fail to honour payments. Pure Pay and Play casinos remain few in northern Europe, but as more casinos open their doors to Trustly, an increase is imminent.



What is a pay n play casino?

This is an online casino that features a less complicated registration process.

How Do Pay and Play casinos work?

The player only needs to log in to their account via their BankID and begin playing immediately.

Are Trustly Pay n Play casinos Safe?

Absolutely! For these group of casinos, Trustly is the preferred payment method and it is highly secure.

Can I use different currencies in one pay n play casino?

Yes, you can. A pay n play casino accepts various currencies, such as GBP, USD, INR, AED, NOK, JPY, TRY, EUR, BGN, KWD, ZAR, SEK, NZD, CZK, GEL, PLN, and others.

What is a BankID?

This is a high level signature technology used for identification both in a pay n play casino and online banks during the process of signing in.